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RDP 3.83 w/ windows 2003 R2

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Occasional Advisor

RDP 3.83 w/ windows 2003 R2

I am installing a new server with RDP 3.83

When I get to the PIM install and need to choose what OS's I want to be able to deploy, Windows 2003 R2 is not an option. Windows server 2003 (non R2) is. If I pick non R2 windows 2003 and then try to use the R2 media when the installer requests it I get an error that it is the wrong media. The documentation states that deploying R2 is supported in this version.

Am I missing something? Is there another requirement that I need?

I tried the same with RDP 6.0 and get the same issue, although 2008 R2 is aN option as a deployable OS.
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: RDP 3.83 w/ windows 2003 R2

You dont have some odd media that is R2 but not SP2 do you?

RDP only supports SP2 now. It might spit out a non SP2 Disk1 from an R2 set.

What you could do... put in some media it does like. Then go in manually and replace the files in the osdist folders with the i386 folders on the CD you do have.. then slipstream in SP2 just to make it happy.
Honored Contributor

Re: RDP 3.83 w/ windows 2003 R2

The windows 2003 R2 is more like a service pack and what i know of there isn't any 1 disk R2 media.

are you trying to add the second disc?

I use an "r2" (1st disc) media in RDP although i probably added it later as previous writer told you.

After the deployment of regular windows 2003 sp2 is finished I use a script to install R2

rem Installerar Windows 2003 server R2 x64

echo .
echo Update to Windows 2003 R2.
echo if you dont want to continue, press ctrl+C
echo .
echo .
echo Installing Windows 2003 R2 x64...
echo .
net use x: \\Deploymentserver\express /USER:Username Password
cmd /c x:\lib\osdist\w52e.64_r2\CMPNENTS\R2\setup2.exe /q /a /p:Serial /sr
net use x: /delete
goto end

echo .
echo Finished!
echo Remember to reboot the server...
echo .
Occasional Advisor

Re: RDP 3.83 w/ windows 2003 R2

It looks like the original media I was using was old SP1 R2. Now I'm using the a SP2 R2 disk it is accepting it.

Once complete will I have to add a piece to the script to install the R2 2nd disk? I did this with our old version of RDP that technically didn't support R2. It worked but the script failed when it came to installing R2, however just selecting continue job it finished with R2 installed.