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Rack Name on linked enclosures


Rack Name on linked enclosures

Hi there,

I have 3 c7000 enclosures in 3 seperate racks, but I have them linked together with the enclosure uplink ports for easy administration. I've noticed that whenever I change the Rack Name (Enclosure Information > Information) on any of the enclosures, it changes it across the board for all enclosures.

While I can understand why this would occur, is there a way around it? I'm a small shop, and I'd like to be able to have unique rack names on my enclosures, but still be able to manage them together through the enclosure uplink ports.

Thanks in advance,

Honored Contributor

Re: Rack Name on linked enclosures

Hi Brandon,

This is by design. It is rather restrictive, but I think HP's intention was to use linking to join enclosures only within the same rack, hence the link limitation.

Would it help you to use the Enclosure Name field for location of the c3000? Similar to Rack Name, this field does not impact the DNS name of the OA.

hope that helps!

Re: Rack Name on linked enclosures

Thanks for the response. I knew this was by design, and I agree with the bsaic functionality, but I wish it could be modified so that people who have multiple enclosures, but not multiple enclosures per rack, could use the rack name field on each enclosure independently.

I like the idea of putting the rack name as part of the enclosure name. That would definitely help out. I had found an SNMP OID for pulling the enclosure name and rack name and I was using that to help identify servers, but I guess I'll have to drop the rack name part.

I can't imagine that I'm the only person who'd be interested in adding the ability for rack names to be unique. Is there a way to make feature suggestions/requests?