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Red light on BL680c G5

Occasional Advisor

Red light on BL680c G5

Hello all,

I have a C-Class Blade system:

C7000 Enclosure
4 - BL480c G5

Sometimes I get a red light on the server LED, however, when looking in the OA web admin, I see it green.

Wy isnt it notifying me that is red or amber?

Ive already upgraded the firmware on the OA

Any ideas?
Mel Nugent
Regular Advisor

Re: Red light on BL680c G5

Just to clarify, is that a BL680C or BL480C?

I have seen something similar, C7000 enclosure with 4 BL680C G5 blades. Also has one BL860c integrity blade. Flashing red health LED on the 680c. Happened once before at the same time as a LED on the integrity blade. I rebooted the 680c OS (an ESX host) and the LED went off on both the 680c and the 860c. Now its back on the 680c.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Red light on BL680c G5

I dont have an idea why...But just wanted to let you know that I too upgraded the OA and server firmware and still get the same issues with amber and red light not showing up in the OA.

I called support and they told me that the OA firmware upgrade would most likely fix it.....however, it did not.