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Remove C7000 EBIPA Server IP, Netmask & Gateway via CLI

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Remove C7000 EBIPA Server IP, Netmask & Gateway via CLI

Hi All,


As a part of large scale decommissions we need to remove all settings from Bladecenter, which include all login settings (LDAP), EBIPA addresses, other configs etc. We are able to do all those operations, but removing EBIPA adresses. Yes we are able to disable bay IP but as a part of security we need to remove IP/Mask details from bays.


While checking I found we can only remove DNS fields via CLI. (below)


REMOVE EBIPA { SERVER | INTERCONNECT } DNS <ip address> [{ , | - } <bay
number>]: Removes an EBIPA DNS server IP address from the list of DNS servers
for either server bays or interconnect bays. A bay number or range may be
specified. If a bay number or range is not specified, the DNS IP address will be
removed from all interconnect or device bays where it exists.


What we tried ?

# disabled all EBIPA bays. But still IP there.

# Assigned dummy IP's in EBIPA bays via CLI; yeah some junk IPs :)

# Factory default is not recommended as we need bladecenter accessible via OA IP as clean one :)


Anyone got another method via CLI ? Thanks in advance