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Remove Standby OA from Active OA Configs


Remove Standby OA from Active OA Configs

Ok guys, I have a strange request here...

I've got an old chassis running a single OA on v2.21. I need to get it updated so it can properly recognize some new G7s that were purchased.

However, it looks like the chassis USED to have a Standby OA. So when I try to update the firmware, I get these nice errors, and the firmware update won't continue:

OA: Failed to copy firmware image to the Standby Onboard Administrator
OA: The Active and Standby Onboard Administrators may not be communicating reliably
OA: Consider resetting the Standby and/or Active Onboard Administrators and retrying
OA: Failed flashing Standby Onboard Administrator
OA: Active Onboard Administrator will not be flashed

So, I'm wondering if there's any way to remove this Standby OA from the config without resetting the configuration. The chassis is at a remote site with static IPs, so I won't be able to get back in if I do a full reset. Plus, I don't have a spare OA to send out to plug in and do the update. Don't ask me where the other OA went to. It was gone long before I got here :-)

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

Vaibhav Gandhi
Frequent Advisor

Re: Remove Standby OA from Active OA Configs

Hi Jonathan!
I agree with you! :)
It seems Active OA is still thinking Stdby OA is present and as they both are in sync, its trying to update firmware on both.

As you are remote, one thing you can try is check under OA, if it gives you any option to remove or delete Standby OA from Lefthand side menu.
Check if you get Transition Active to Standby option, typically with Single OA you should not get this option...
or you can try to reboot the OA, and then try to run the firmware update.
If possible shut down all the blades in the enclosure while you do this.

Vaibhav Gandhi
Frequent Advisor

Re: Remove Standby OA from Active OA Configs

Hi Jonathan!
Also if you have someone onsite who can physically reseat the OA module?
but please make sure that you shut down all the blades in the enclosure while this is done.

Proliant VMS San Mgrs
Frequent Advisor

Re: Remove Standby OA from Active OA Configs

I looked this up 412142-B21 at

That particular flavor of OBA is installed in a C7000; is that what you have? You can buy a second one identical to whatever you already have in your enclosure.

That was priced at USD 275. Not sure if this is an option for you, but if you have to get someone to walk in to the remote site then why not start off by putting in a second OBA?

Even then, you may well have to shut down everything to get this into a sane state. I would personally hire HP to come on site and fix this up (purchase 2nd OBA, install it, and upgrade the firmware). Otherwise, you might be looking for a new job, or buying plane tickets to fly to that remote site. HP support is a better choice.

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