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Reset OA, connections Blade centers lost?

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Reset OA, connections Blade centers lost?

Simple question but it's hard to find the right answer.

Will the blade server connections get lost, when I reset the OA, or flash the OA firmware?

We are running Vmware and Windows OS on blade servers and I would like to upgrade the OA's online without downtime. Blade centers have single OA or redundant config Active/Standby and Cisco interconnect bays 3120X and G.
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Re: Reset OA, connections Blade centers lost?

The OA's being off-line won't give you a problem. With the single OA enclosures the fans will run full power while the OA resets. This is normal.

Module firmware is a different matter and depends on your configuration.
The Brit
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Re: Reset OA, connections Blade centers lost?

Updating the OA firmware should not have any effect on your blade servers. The only connections which will be affected will be access to your iLO's, Consoles, and Interconnect Modules via the "Management" subnet.

As implied above, you "could" remove both OA's without any effect on your blades, all that will happen is that the cooling fans will ramp up to full power.

Disclaimer: This reply is based on the "advertised" behaviour of the BladeSystem. However, weird stuff can, and does occasionally happen.