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Response Issue and Packet Discards

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Response Issue and Packet Discards

My Linux administator brought up a new Oracle cluster comprising 2 bl465c G5 blades. The first node performed fine, however when the second node was brought up, they started to notice slow response.
One of our Network administrators noted that there were large numbers of "Packet Discards" occuring on our CX4, X1 stacking links, (IC1 <-> IC3, and IC2 <-> IC4). Also the same was true of the Uplink sets from IC1 to the External Network, and IC2 to the external Network. There are no uplinks on IC3 or IC4.

A couple of questions,

1. Is this likely to be the cause of the performance problem we are seeing?
2. What would be the cause of this?
3. How do I begin to address the problem.

Some information.

c7000 enclosure.
bl465c G5 blades
OA firmware at 2.32
VCM firmware at 2.01
blades are NIC teaming: LOM1 and MEZ1/P1 = one pair, and LOM2 and MEZ1/P2 = second pair.

Thanks for any assistance.

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Response Issue and Packet Discards

Problem Resolved locally.