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Simple config of GBe2C needed

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David Ritchie
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Simple config of GBe2C needed

What are the steps necessary to place the OA and the blade ports on the same DHCP derived subnet, and to turn off all the other higher level router stuff (or at least reduce it down to a dull roar) so that I can easily connect this onto a foreign network for demo purposes.

Just to make it simple, let's assume it is sitting at my house, connected to a SOHO router that provides DHCP services and a pointer to DNS, but no VLANs, etc... or a single port of off a customer's router that is part of a subnet with sufficient DHCP addresses to add the installed blades.

I would prefer that I would need minimal involvement of site networking folks, and minimal if any changes to their routers. So I really want a single wire connection that would be a gateway to the customer's network. I don't want the GBe2C sending any broadcast traffic or router requests externally. I would prefer to turn off anything (including VLAN's, if not needed) that would make this difficult to roll into a data center as a demo(this is a C3000 mounted in a mobile rack). In other words, make the GbE2c into a dumb switch....

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Re: Simple config of GBe2C needed

Switch IP address wil be assigned from OA EBIPA, it will be assigned to IF256 (VLAN 4095, Port 19), thats by default, that vlan and Interface cannot be deleted.

On the other side, you can use only 1 cable to carry all the traffic, leave everything on vlan 1 as default, then servers will get the ip settings from there, same with the OA.

hope this helps