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Slow USB installation

Frederic Martin GSP
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Slow USB installation

We had bought 2 c7000 enclosure, and we make some installation from DVD drive connected through OA USB.
The installation was very slow (couple of hours)
Is the problem known ? is it normal ?
Thanks for your help.
kris rombauts
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Re: Slow USB installation


you have to know that using the USB port on the OA is the same as using the iLO Virtual Media feature so to speak, even if you do use a physicall CD/DVD drive local to the enclosure. The OA USB port is like the VMedia virtual USB port and this is then presented to the blade you want to use it with.

A faster method is possible when connecting a CD/DVD drive via the SUV cable to the port in the front of a blade but obviosuly this is not so user friendly, then the USB connection is native to the blade.

If you need to deploy multiple servers then using RDP or pxe booting from a install server of your choice is a better solution then using a single physicall media that is shared amongst several blades.

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Re: Slow USB installation

Note that the ILOs virtual media port uses a USB 1 interface, so regardless whether you're using a USB CD, USB flash drive, or Virtual Media - all are connected at USB 1 speed.

As the other post mentions, using the server's LAN connection will be faster. Another option might be connecting a USB drive directly to the blade server using the VGA/USB dongle.
Chris Rosan2
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Re: Slow USB installation

I've installed P-class blades with both iLO virtual media and RDP. I never had a problem with the virtual media speed, even over a 10MB WAN link.

I don't have a USB CDROM so i've never installed my P-Class' from USB but have loaded software/patches from USB stick into the front port on the P-Class.

I also don't have any C-Class blades (yet).

RDP is a great option. Once you work it out for one blade the others take about 60 seconds of interaction and then about 10 minutes to build.