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Spanning on a CV-Flex10

David Mesquita
Occasional Visitor

Spanning on a CV-Flex10

Hi All

I am trying to test the 10Gig capability of the VC-Flex 10 module.

Has any one found an easy way to span an external connection to another external port ?

What I want to do is connect a tester (ixia or spirent whatever) to an external port and have all the traffic come out on another external port.

As far as I know you can't map external ports to one another, which has left me with 2 solutions:
1. Send the traffic to a server and use the Span functionality to mirror the data to an external port
2. send the traffic to a server and use a bridge link on a Microsoft server and map the output of the server to another external link.

Does any one have any ideas to help me out ?
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: Spanning on a CV-Flex10

Indeed, the VC Flex-10 I/O module will not switch traffic between uplink ports. You would have to send the traffic to a blade via one of the downlink ports and have the blade bridge/route the traffic out a second downlink port in another vnet and up through the second uplink port. Your option 2 I believe.

At that point though what you are measuring is as much the blade as it is the module.

(Uplink port - the ports on the front panel of the I/O module. Downlink port - the "internal" ports that go to the blades themselves)

As for setting up a mirror, that could in theory avoid actually measuring the blade more than the module, but while I don't know one way or the other, you should probably assume that path is not a "primary" performance path, which again calls into question whether you can draw conclusions about "normal operation" from it.

So, to what end do you want to conduct these tests? To verify what is claimed in the quickspecs:

or is there something else you want to see that isn't discussed there?
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