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Specs on a piece of hardware

W. R.
Occasional Visitor

Specs on a piece of hardware

I have 4 BL20P g3's that I need the specs for. I have the SN's. I've plugged them into my account but cant seem to find a page that lists the specs when they left the factory.

Can someone tell me how to find this information on the website?


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Re: Specs on a piece of hardware

Refer to the below link for the BL20P g3 manuals ans Specs.〈=en&cc=us
W. R.
Occasional Visitor

Re: Specs on a piece of hardware

Found that page prior to the post, what I'm looking for is a way to determine what is on these servers specifically rather than options the server could have had. I dont have an enclosure/power supply to fire the servers up with or else I'd get the info off the boxes.

Hate to mention this but, dell has a page wherein you enter the SN and it will give you what the machine left the factory with.

Something like that is what I'm looking for.



Re: Specs on a piece of hardware

Hi W.R. !!!

Try this link:

enter the server part or model number on the :

By model number or name search box !

the model number is like XXXXXX-B21 or XXXXXX-B22

then enter and follow on screen instructions !!!

that should be something similar to what are you looking for !!!