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Strange reboot issue - BL480C


Strange reboot issue - BL480C

Config -
New c7000 chassis w/ Cisco 3020, 2 OA's, 6PS, 10Fans.

BL480C - 2 quad core procs, 24gb memory, no mezzanine cards. Windows 2003 x64. ILO2 Select.

Issue - So we've been running into a few issues lately where a reboot of the OS causes some strange behaviors. A lot of the time, rebooting this blade isn't successfull. Meaning it will often power down fine but never come back up, the power indicator is orange, as if it shutdown rather than reboot. When this happens, the ILO continues to work fine but for some reason the fans in the chassis seem to kick up to almost full speed. We also cannot power the blade back on via the power button or ILO power option, we have to pull the blade from the chassis and put it back in, of course it boots fine then. We have the latest firmware on both the ILO's and the Chassis OA's. The issue also doesn't occur all the time and we have already had to replace the motherboard for one of the blades in this chassis that was experiencing the same issue. I'm concerned something might be wrong with the chassis since it's hard to believe two brand new blades are dead.

Anyone else had the same issue?

Re: Strange reboot issue - BL480C

I do believe its the BIOS version
so you have to upgraded to the last one.

I will check Memory configuration by checking the positions and clear the NVRAM