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Stuck in the VCM firmware upgrade screen.

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Stuck in the VCM firmware upgrade screen.

This is a follow from an earlier post regarding a problem with upgrading the FC modules using VC firmware 2.30.

The last attempts to do the upgrade were using the GUI tool in VCM. The tool failed on the FC Module upgrade (repeatedly), however it keeps returning to the "Upgrade" screen.

There is no "Exit", "Cancel" or "Quit" from this screen. The problem is that although I can navigate away from this screen, if I click of Firmware Management, it continues to return to this same "Update" screen.

It should be displaying the Firmware summary screen.

Can anyone make any suggestions regarding how to deal with this.

Honored Contributor

Re: Stuck in the VCM firmware upgrade screen.

reboot and restart. Or try with VCSU tool
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Re: Stuck in the VCM firmware upgrade screen.

only seen issues like this when the very old firmwares were updated to recent ones.

worth a try
sounds like a bad flash,,remove both vc modules
...>>>cli reboot OA
then install one only , update that then try other see what happens

good luck
The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Stuck in the VCM firmware upgrade screen.

In this case, the VCM Firmware Management problem was resolved by simply failing over the VCM to the standby.

The firmware being upgraded was fairly recent, 2.12 to 2.30, so it wasn't an "old to new" issue. (just a "pain in the rump" issue)

This is one of those things which seriously affects confidence in the product. If VCSU is going to be the supported/recommended method for installing VC firmware, then the GUI firmware install option needs to be removed (or at least provided with a "CANCEL" button.)

The firmware package in question was used successfully (only 2 weeks earlier) on an identical enclosure (1 x c7000) containing exactly the same types of modules and blades. The only difference is that the production enclosures (2 x c7000) contain 4 FC modules (in bays 5, 6, 7, & 8), where as the previous enclosure on has FC modules in bays 5 & 6, (bays 7 & 8 are empty).

The first Enclosure upgraded all modules with out an issue (using VCSU).

Both of the production enclosures failed to upgrade the FC modules (using VCSU), and attempting to use the GUI option on one of them resulted in the problem described and resolved above.

I will enter the resolution of the FC module upgrade issue in a new thread to make it easier to find in a search.