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Team up Flex-10 modules to 20GBps?

Regular Advisor

Team up Flex-10 modules to 20GBps?


We have four HP Flex-10 modules loaded in a c7000 enclosure at Bay 1,2, 5 and 6. The modules are stacked up automatically using ports X7 and X8.

The modules run Active/Passive, and i wonder if it's possible to let them run Active/Active, so i would be able to set a troughput of 20Gbps on a virtual switch?

Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Team up Flex-10 modules to 20GBps?

You can only run active/active if the connections are from the same VC module (if you have them in the same Vnet.)
You could put one 10gb link in one Vnet and one in another Vnet and tell half the servers to prefer left and half to prefer right. Then you have two separate 10Gb active links.
Have you seen the Virtual Connect scenario cookbook?
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Team up Flex-10 modules to 20GBps?

There is the same question on the Virtual Connect forum if its not you asking both.

Regular Advisor

Re: Team up Flex-10 modules to 20GBps?

Thanks Adrian,

We have Blade BL460 G-1 servers, and in Bay 1,2,5 and 6 Flex-10 modules loaded.

Port 1: Net1
Port 2: Net1

Port 3: Multiple - Net2,Net3,Net4
Port 4: Multiple - Net2,Net3,Net4

When looking at the mappings the mappings say:

Port1: LOM:1
Port2: LOM:2
Port3: MZ2:1-a,b,c,d => Bay 5
Port4: MZ2:2-a,b,c,d => Bay 6

As far as i know this setup would give me the option to team the proper NICs together in orde to have 20Gbps availible right?

Many thanks for your input, much appricated.