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Transporting Chassis and blades

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Transporting Chassis and blades

Planning migration of blade servers from one builing to another. Does HP recommend the blade servers be removed from the chassis during transportation?

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Re: Transporting Chassis and blades

No ... when buying with factory express service blades come inside the chassis, which is in a rack which is on a pallet.
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Bruno J. Melo
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Re: Transporting Chassis and blades


If the enclosure or rack is on a pallet there are no main concerns on transportation, except maybe the fact that you shouldn't tilt it. :)
There are recommendations regarding removing the equipment from the rack though.
In order for 2 people remove the enclosure without injuring themselves it's a best to remove the heaviest parts like servers and PSUs (some docs that are shipped with the blade enclosure even advise to remove the enclosure c7000 midplane) and then remove the enclosure from the rack.