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Trunking from Gbe2p to Nortel 8610

Kevin Bolton_1
Occasional Visitor

Trunking from Gbe2p to Nortel 8610

I have an enclosure with 2 Gbe2p interconnect switches. I have the ports 19-22 on both switches set up in a trunk group and would like to know how to set up the MLT on the Nortel Core Switch. Should I set up the 4 ports on one side as an MLT and the other 4 another MLT? Or should i set up one MLT with all 8 ports and let that connect to the 2 switches?

Thanks in advance,

T Hunstad
Occasional Visitor

Re: Trunking from Gbe2p to Nortel 8610


Thanks for inquiring, I will look into this for you. As soon as I find something out I will let you know.


Tyler Hunstad, :) HEHE