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USB Drive not working on OA with rev 2.01

Joel Mendoza_2
Occasional Contributor

USB Drive not working on OA with rev 2.01

I'm trying to update OA firmware using USB drive on OA. It has the firmware file. But OA does not recognize the USB jump drive. The current OA fw version is 2.01.
Honored Contributor

Re: USB Drive not working on OA with rev 2.01

Hi Joel,

Access the OA from client. Select Active Onboard Administrator then select Firmware Update and you can upgrade the firmware.

I don't think you can upgrade the firmware using USB drive on OA.

USB drive on OA is used to connect external USB DVD drives to the server.
James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: USB Drive not working on OA with rev 2.01

The Firmware Update screen is available under the Active Onboard Administrator category. Within the Firmware Update screen, firmware information for the Onboard Administrator, and force downgrade is available in the Firmware Information sub-category within the Current Firmware Version box.

These updates can be downloaded and saved on a computer on the network or can be downloaded and applied using an image URL.

To update the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator firmware:
Select the firmware image using one of these methods:
â ¢ Enter a path to the firmware image in the Local File field.
â ¢ ***************Click the Browse button to locate the firmware image file on the local machine or through any mapped drives or network shares. Click Upload to begin the firmware update process.***********************
The Image URL subcategory contains a field where the URL to the firmware image can be entered. The Onboard Administrator automatically uploads the firmware image and starts the firmware update process.
After clicking Upload or Apply, a window appears showing the progress of the firmware download.
When the download completes, you are logged off of the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator.
If you initiated the firmware update, you can watch a timer that displays the seconds before reboot while other users receive a dialog box informing them that the enclosure is powering down and rebooting. You
must sign in again after the enclosure reboots.
If two enclosures are attached, the firmware update process flashes the Standby Onboard Administrator first and then flashes the primary Onboard Administrator. If you are unable to connect immediately following a firmware update, wait 30 seconds for the enclosure to become available on the network.
To install a previous version of the firmware, select the Force downgrade box from the Firmware Information section of the screen. Select the firmware file by browsing locally or by locating a URL using the input boxes.
To obtain the latest firmware for your HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator see the HP BladeSystem Updates website (