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Unable to continue or cancel VC domain maintenance

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Unable to continue or cancel VC domain maintenance


I have an issue with a VC domain group consisting of two VC domains.


After entering domain maintenance and making a change (adding two new networks), I exited maintenance mode.

The following error was retrned for the "Propagate Configuration to VC Domain" job.


The operation cannot be performed because the configuration of VC Domain [xxxx] has changed and does not match the VC Domain Group configuration in the VCEM database. To continue managing this VC Domain with VCEM click on VC Domain Maintenance to resynchronize the VC Domain configuration.


The domain is listed in the VC domains list with the "configuration mismatch" icon.  If I try to select the domain a click VC Domain Maintenance as suggested, I see the "Please wait..." progress bar but nothing ever happens.


If I select the other VC domain in the domain group, the VC Domain Maintenance button works as expected.


How should I go about resynchronizing these two VC domains?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Unable to continue or cancel VC domain maintenance



The fix for the issue is given in below HP Support document link:



You may  Apply the VCEM 6.1.1 patch and perform the workaround mentioned in the document as per the scenario.



I hope the information will help you.




Renji V

I am an HP employee.

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