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Unknown Error on FC SAN configuration

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Joe Camilleri
Occasional Advisor

Unknown Error on FC SAN configuration

I've got a c7000 chasis with the 4GB fibre channel virtual connect module, BL870 blades with dual port QLogic mezzanine cards. VC FC firmware is 1.11.

I have a Cisco SAN switch connected to the V/C modules and also to an EMC Clariion storage array

In virtual connect manager I configured the FC SAN Fabric with uplink ports used =1 and uplink port speed = auto. I also tried uplink speed of 2 GB, but no difference. The lights on the VC FC module and Cisco Switch are green. But, in VC manager there is a ? mark next to the FC SAN Fabric entry. With the following errors

[FC:7:4019:Major] FC Module state NO_COMM : Cannot communicate with component
31-Oct-08 19:19:17 [FAB:usaadaiwbdien01_fc2:8011:Warning] FC Fabric state UNKNOWN : Component operational state cannot be determined

Do the Blade servers have to be up and running before VC manager will show the FC SAN Fabric without the "?" marks ?

The switch can see WWN (MAC address of the VC FC module)

Is there anything special with configuring the SAN Fabric ?

I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this since the fabric stuff is new to me. Can someone point me in the right direction ?


Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Unknown Error on FC SAN configuration

First check.
You have to have NPIV enabled on the CISCO SAN switch ports going to the Virtual Connect module.
This allows it to see more than one WWPN down a single cable.
Honored Contributor

Re: Unknown Error on FC SAN configuration

what is your OA (and ILO) firmware ?
if not the latest --> uodate (ILOs first)

AND if possible, update the VC too (LOTS of fixes is current versions)
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Joe Camilleri
Occasional Advisor

Re: Unknown Error on FC SAN configuration

The NPIV was the key. The switch did support it but by default it was not enabled. The next hurdle will be to make sure the operations team will allow the setting in the production environment. From what I have read it enabling this should not impact any existing connections. If you have any information to the contrary please let me know.