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Upgrade OA to 3.11 question

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Upgrade OA to 3.11 question


I want to use our new BL460c G6 servers and before i can install them i think i need to upgrade the OA firmware.

We currently run 2.52, can I just simply upload the .bin file using the OA without interfering the Blades or other hardware such as QLogic HBA's or VC-Flex-10 modules?

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Re: Upgrade OA to 3.11 question


Yes, you can upgrade the OA without interfering with the blades. Although, for OA 3.11 is is required that all of your blades have at least the ILO2 firmware version 1.82.
You can check all the compatibility requirements here:

I would recommend checking this before doing your upgrade to OA 3.11, to prevent issues with you existing blades.
Frans Koren
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Re: Upgrade OA to 3.11 question

Hi Joris, best to update to latest version.. following the advice from sdb.

However, OA 2.52 is the first firmware that will support the usage of BL460 (G1 and) G6 Blades.
The enclosure will not display a correct picture of the Blade in the Front View. Also it probably will not read out its system name.
But it will support the new "Storage Zone" thermal sensor which is new in the G6.

My experience with previous OA firmwares could not read out this sensor and give a false thermal reading: "60C celsius on a Unknown Zone" causing the Enclosure to start extra cooling, pushing fans to 88% and making a lot of noise.

Be sure that when you update to bundle 9.20 and OA 3.11, that the Windows iLO2 driver is updated to v1.12 or higher.
There is a customer advisory published by HP where you can read the details:

NB. the proper way to upgrade is to first update the blades and then the OA.

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Re: Upgrade OA to 3.11 question

Thanks for the replies.

I started updating using 9.20 yesterday evening but after my Flex-10 mezz card got updated ESX couldn't find the card no more.

I installed a new NIC driver (listed on the HP site) and adapter showed up again.

I will test this machine today, and if I don't run in to any trouble i will start update all the ESX servers tonight.