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VC Domain and stacking

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VC Domain and stacking


we currently have 2 C7000 with 2x Flex-10 and 2x VC-FC 8Gb on each enclosure. Each enc have it's own domain, but now we want to join the second enc into domain of first to have interconnection (layer2 connectivity) between the two chassis also if the core switch goes down.

but i've some questions..

Is it recommended to use a single domain? i don't know how stable are this modules, may be with a domain there are risks to loose all the servers if a module crash..

To stack Flex-10 VC on enc1 to enc2 can I use any X1-6 port? I don't have to use X7 or X8 because will disable horizontal cross-link between modules right?
currently CX4 are used to uplink on Cisco 4900

To import the second enclosure, just wipe the VC domain to factory default and import with OA IP add of the second chassis, right?

for the uplink to switch, now we have on each enclosure one CX4 active, and the other standby, join the second enclosure will make one CX4 active and three CX4 standby? Or each C7000 will have one active and the other standby?

Thanks :)
otto warlich
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Re: VC Domain and stacking

Hello Lynx deb,

Here is a link to a vc cookbook, with most of the answers.

I would preffer the latest firmwares on the VC's, blades and OA.

With regards,