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VC module failover

Jacky Wing
Regular Advisor

VC module failover

I have a C7000 with 2 VC Lan and 2 VC San modules.
I applied 4 IP addresses one to each of the VC. I can only connect to VC manager through the first IP.
If i turn off the first VC module, i am not able to connect to the VC manager, not even through any of the other IPs.
I get a page where i cannot write a username and password.
how to setup VC manager redundancy?
Honored Contributor

Re: VC module failover


by default there is a crosslink between the VC Enet modules in bays 1&2.
VC manager runs in the firmware of VC in bay 1. When you turn VC 1 off, it should failover to Bay 2 and you should be able to login from the Enet module in bay 2.

You should be able to login to VC manager from onboard administrator, it should link you to the active VC.

Update Onboard Administrator Firmware to 2.20. Make sure that both Ethernet modules Firmware version is the same (preffered the latest version 1.24).

After VC 1 is turned off, after 90 seconds VC2 becomes active, and you must be able to login with its IP adress.

Another thing you can try is to manually failover to the standby VC - login to VC manager - Tools-Reset Virtual Connect Manager .
Check the Force Failover checkbox and after 90 secs you will be logged off and try to connect to the ip of VC 2.