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VCM reset - outage?

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Tony Eyles
Occasional Contributor

VCM reset - outage?

If one resets the VCM, is there a Comms outage experienced by the Blades?
Regular Advisor

Re: VCM reset - outage?

I would say the naswer is yes, asyour comms will be going thru it and it ineffect is a reboot.

JL Martinez

Re: VCM reset - outage?

There's a difference between reseting the Virtual Connect Manager (VCM) and reseting one of the Virtual Connect Modules.

Reseting the VCM should not produce a communications outage.

Nevertheless, check if your firmware version is affected by a bug that could evetually cause an outage while VCM reboots.
The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: VCM reset - outage?

As mentioned above, there is a difference between VCM reset and Module failover. A VCM reset is a "failover" of just the VCM software. During a reset, the physical module is still available and communication can still pass through it. During a module failover, the original module becomes unavailable and therefore cannot pass traffic. The module can take ~30 seconds to come back on line and then the question is whether your systems can survive a 30 sec communication blackout. (NIC teaming is your friend).

Of course, if the module has died, then it will not come back online any time soon so you will be dependent on your teaming.

If you have got your NIC teaming set up correctly, (i.e. horizontally between modules) then you should not experience any communications outage in either event.

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: VCM reset - outage?

With all due respect, the response from John above is incorrect.