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VLAN definitions in HP StorageWorks SB600c

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VLAN definitions in HP StorageWorks SB600c

A customer is implementing an HP StorageWorks SB600c with Windows 2003 Stoarge Edition. Using the HP Network Configuration Utility, the two embedded NICs have been defined as a TLB team. They would like to set up two VLANs over this team, one for iSCSI traffic and a second for management traffic. They add a VLAN on the team using the HP NCU. The NCU shows the new VLAN; however, no interface appears under Windows to allow the assignment of an IP address for this VLAN.

Is something missing to allow the addition of VLANs?
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: VLAN definitions in HP StorageWorks SB600c

when you assign vlan's you need to assign ALL vlans in NCU.
The "root"-NIC is not used anymore.

Hence when you configured the first vlan you only got a single operational NIC.
You must configure a second vlan in NCU to get two NIC's (even if this is vlan1).

hope this helps