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VMotion using HP Blades doesn't work

Kliment Andreev
Occasional Contributor

VMotion using HP Blades doesn't work

This is what I did.

Under Flex-10 I created a network called "VMotion". I made sure that private network is not selected and there are no shared uplink sets. Everyting is default.
I assigned this network to two blades in the same chasis. They have vSphere 4.0 running, same NIC number.

I created a VMotion port, checked that I'll be using VMotion and assigned an IP of and with on both blades. The NIC says : connected.

I am able to ping the service console on both blades from each other (128.202.21.x), which means that other Flex-10 network is fine (the one that's using shared uplink sets).

Now, I am not able to ping VMotion IPs within blades. If I ping the VM IP from BLADE1 to BLADE2 it doesn't work. But, even if I ping withing the same BLADE1, it doesn't work. Any help appreciated.

Vincent Berger
Valued Contributor

Re: VMotion using HP Blades doesn't work

In order to have ping use the VMkernel interface, you need to use the 'vmkping' command
Kliment Andreev
Occasional Contributor

Re: VMotion using HP Blades doesn't work

Strange thing is that once I did vmkping and I was able to ping both IP's, the VMotion started working.

Thanks for your help. 10 points well deserver.