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Virtual Connect 3.51 Firmware Upgrade Failure

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Virtual Connect 3.51 Firmware Upgrade Failure

Has anyone else out there tried this firmware update yet?


We just got our first Gen8 servers in, so in preparation I have 3 chassis that needed to be updated.  All of them have already had their OAs successfully updated to 3.55.


Each of these chassis are running Flex-10 Adapters, 2 are running 3.17 and one is running 3.18.  I successfully updated the one running 3.18 using the VCSU.  However, updating one of the 3.17 chassis resulted in a firmware update failure.  The firmware successfully updated, but my configuration was completely lost.  Logging into Virtual Connect Manger brought up the first time setup wizard, like a VC Domain didn't even exist anymore.  And of course with no VC Domain, all my servers were kicked off the wire.


It's not a huge deal, but I did have to take an outage on my chassis to rebuild the configuration.  At least HP was nice enough to put the Server Profile Wizard back in to this firmware release. :-)


Anyways, I'm a little gunshy now aboug updating my last chassis, as it's still running 3.17.  I was just seeing if anyone else was seeing issues out there before I take the plunge on the next one.  Any feedback from anyone that's already done the update (and what firmware rev you upgraded from) would be appreciated.

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Re: Virtual Connect 3.51 Firmware Upgrade Failure

I went from 3.30 to 3.51 (before that 3.18 to 3.30) and didn't have any problems.  Since you had back luck I'd suggest you upgrade to 3.30 first before going to 3.51.

Re: Virtual Connect 3.51 Firmware Upgrade Failure

Thanks for the feedback.  I went ahead and updated my VC Modules to 3.18, then went to 3.51 with no issues.


I still have no idea if there's any kind of problem with 3.17 and an upgrade to 3.51, but you might want to do a little due diligence before you head down this path, just in case you run into the issue that I did.

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Re: Virtual Connect 3.51 Firmware Upgrade Failure

Re: Virtual Connect 3.51 Firmware Upgrade Failure

Thanks for the article.  It was an interesting read, and I did have the exhibited behavior.  However, I don't have any Itanium Blades in my environment.  We're strictly a ProLiant shop when it comes to blades.  And I don't have any unassigned profiles in this particular chassis.  That's not to say though that some profiles weren't moved around at some point in time though, which could have introduced the problem in the article.


Thanks again for the feedback.  I really appreciate it.