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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager - orphaned profiles following testing

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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager - orphaned profiles following testing

I've been tasked with testing VCEM with a view to using this in our production environment.
Got everything set up fine (SIM 5.3, VCEM 1.20 and VC firmware 2.01).

I created a domain group with 2 domains and added and assigned profiles across the group.

As SIM could become a potential single point of failure for us we needed to test the removal of a vc domain from the VCEM control and manage directly (a documented option).

I did this from the vc domain cli.

>set external-manager Username=xxx enabled=false

>remove external-manager username=xxx mactype=user-defined macstart=00-17-A4-77-24-00 macend=00-17-A4-77-2B-FF wwntype=user-defined wwnstart=50:06:08:00:00:C2:86:00 wwnend=50:06:08:00:00:C2:8D:FF serveridtype=factory-default

I wanted full control over the domain, hence the heavy handed approach, but this is where i think the problem started. As i thought hadnt set any logical SN's i selected factory default for serverIdType.

It seemed to work and I was able to assign and manage profiles from the vc domain manager. I was also able to remove all profiles.

When it comes to getting this domain back into VCEM control though I'm being blocked. VCEM shows missing external manager lock icon. The action needed is to remove the vc domain from the domain group (as i've removed the external-manager account). When presented with the mac/wwn/sn's to remove I know the mac/wwn's but I cannot get a vaild range of sn's.

The sn presented to the profile (by VCEM) is VCYxxxxxxx. This profile was deleted from the vc domain manager but still appears in VCEM. When i enter this value it suggests my logical serial numbers contain invalid values. When i select the full range of hp pre-defined addresses i get:

'Unable to retrieve attributes for logical serial numbers because some of logical serial numbers do not exist'.

This makes sense as my profile sn is outside this range.

I'm now in a situation where i cant remove the profile from VCEM as i cant control the domain.
I cant delete the VC domain as i have a profile associated.
I also cant delete the VC domain group as i have a domain still in it associated.
I cant delete the VC domain from SIM as it is associated with the VC domain group.

The troubleshooting document has not yet proven helpful.

Any ideas?