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Re: Virtual Connect F 10GB XFP Uplinks

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Virtual Connect F 10GB XFP Uplinks

I have two identic sites, c3000 enclosure with one bl460g6 each, LOM and Mezz network interfaces, the sites are 300 meters distance one form other. Each site have 2 VC F 10Gb interconnects, the LOM NICs have two networks created and the uplink are RJ 45 port1 and port2.
Now, the Mezz NICS have two networks and the uplink is the XFPs x2 and x3 ports in each site, fibre cables are route from site to site, the Manager shows connection to for both x2 and x3 ports, the LOM Nics works fine (rj45) and respond to the ping command, but the Mezz NICs ( XFPs) not respond to the external ping, only the ping commnad beetwen the two ports of the mezzanine.
I have read a lot and dont know how to fix the problem, i dont know if the distance is too much, or the FC cables must be special.
The OS is Red Hat, each enclosure c3000 as different VC Domains names, VC firmware 2.32.
Any idea, thanks guys!
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Re: Virtual Connect F 10GB XFP Uplinks

For 300m distance you need SR XFPs and 50/125 μm multi-mode optical cable with modal bandwidth 2000 MHz/km @850nm (OM3).
300m is the upper limit for this setup.

Other solution is LR XFPs and 9 μm single mode optical cable for distance up to 10km.

Re: Virtual Connect F 10GB XFP Uplinks

Hi; yes I found that the XFP SR is for 86 meters, and the fibre cable in total is almost 300 meters, I am in the limit you say, but I dont know if that is the problem, the link in the x2 and x3 port shows GREEN and OK, but theres is no ping response beetwen the sites.
Anybody with a guide to used the XFP ports of the VC 1/10GB F interconnect?