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Virtual Connect Flex10 Configuration Question.

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David Claussen
Regular Advisor

Virtual Connect Flex10 Configuration Question.

New to the HPVC. Here is what we have for Flex10 uplinks:
x1 = 1G RJ45
x2 = 1G RJ45
x3 = 10G SFP

In my book, this equals 10 + 2 G in.

The 2 x RJ45's are connected to our SAN switches, and the SFP 10G line goes into a main switch. I have created a shared uplink set for the two 1G SAN lines.

When I go to configure a server template, I can only allot 10G total. Even though I have a separate vlan for the network, vkernel and SAN. I wanted to use the 10G line for the network and vkernel vlans, and the teamed 1G links for the SAN vlan. I can only configure up to 10G of speed which leads me to beleive that everything will be going through the 10G line and the 2 x 1G RJ45's will not even be used.

Help my techno friends.
Honored Contributor

Re: Virtual Connect Flex10 Configuration Question.

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David Claussen
Regular Advisor

Re: Virtual Connect Flex10 Configuration Question.

Yes - sorry. The 2 x 1G RJ45s are for an iSCSI SAN.
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Virtual Connect Flex10 Configuration Question.


Virtual Connect is like VMWare Virtual Switches.

The connections on the back of the VC module have no relationship to the bandwidth/speed of the connections to the blades. Just like another network switch type product.

You have 10Gb going into this fluffy VC network cloud from the servers and 12 Gb going out. What happens in the fluffy bit in the middle is how you configure it.

So create three virtual NICs on each 10Gb NIC, the iSCSI one run at 2Gb and the other two run at whatever you want. Or two NICs if you want Network/Vkernel running at 8Gb on the same NIC.
Create a Virtual Connect network called iSCSIa (iSCSIb for the other flex-10) and connect it to the iSCSI SUS. Connect the iSCSI vNic to this network.

So now you have created a virtual switch that uses one vNIC running a 2Gb on a server and a SUS of two 1Gb Uplinks. Now go and do this on the other Flex-10 and you have redundant paths.

I'm sure you can figure out how to now use the 8Gb Bandwidth left on the server to go thru the 10Gb uplink.
David Claussen
Regular Advisor

Re: Virtual Connect Flex10 Configuration Question.

Perfect. That is what I thought, but needed an expert (you) to be sure.

Thanks for your time.