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Virtual Connect is not forcing the WWN's

Occasional Contributor

Virtual Connect is not forcing the WWN's


I have a weird issue where blades in a particular enclosure are showing up on the SAN using their default (burned in) WWN rather than the VC assigned one. Within VC and OA the blades are associated with the VC assigned WWN, but when looking from the fabric the default WWN is seen.

I have numerous other enclosures all with the same config and they are presenting on the SAN correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas why this may happen?

I am running;
-> VC - 2.10
-> OA - 2.51
-> Blade BL685c G1 (A08 01/29/2009)
-> iLO - 1.78
-> HBA (Emulex LPe1105-HP) FW - 2.72a2

It is a Brocade fabric and the switches are running the latest code and all configured identically, and as I say other blade enclosures/servers are appearing with the correct WWN's.

I have already deleted all profiles and re-created.

Like I say, any ideas?

Honored Contributor

Re: Virtual Connect is not forcing the WWN's

Only time I have ever seen this is when the HBA Firmware is out of date. Not the case here.

is your HBA BIOS version showing as 4.00a6?

and the fact that it is happening to the entire enclosure makes it seem like it's not an HBA issue. What is your VC FC Module Firmware? Try resetting the VC-FC modules? Try resetting the OA modules?

Are you sure its the factory WWN you're seeing and not VC FC's own WWN?
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Virtual Connect is not forcing the WWN's

Have you set the Virtual WWPN to be ones from a VC pool or to reuse the ones on the HBAs. If its the latter and you have not moved any profiles...then what you have is what I would expect to see.
Terri Harris
Honored Contributor

Re: Virtual Connect is not forcing the WWN's

Are you still having this problem? There are a number of possible causes for physical pWWN to show instead of the expected virtual addresses with Virtual Connect FC.
Contact the HP SAN Switch support team and provide the OA inventory report (Show All) and at least one of the SAN switch support logs.