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Virtual connect and Mezz cards

Chris m W

Virtual connect and Mezz cards

Hi Everybody,

I have a mezzanine card in a BL460 server and have configured virtual connect to configure the networks for that card however whenever I boot the OS it shows the network connections status as unplugged. In virtual connection I see an error in the status log...One or more interconnect devices are missing or not Virtual Connect compatible. I had this working when I first set this up but now for the life of me can't get the network connections to work anymore. Has anybody run into this problem?


The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Virtual connect and Mezz cards


We need more information.

Which mezzanine slot(s) are you using?
What types of mezzanine cards are installed?
What types of Interconnect modules are you using?
and what bays are they installed in?

OA and VC firmware levels.

This would be a reasonable data set to start with.

Chris m W

Re: Virtual connect and Mezz cards

I ended up calling HP to get my answer, I'll share anyways because I didn't know myself. I had virtual connects installed in bays 1 and 2 in the chassis and a mezz card for fibre in slot 1 on the server and a mezz card for dual nic in slot 2.

You need to have a virtual connect installed in bay 5 or 6 in order to use the mezz card...at least until a future firmware comes out that does not require this. The firmware is coming...just don't know when.

So in short I can move one of my VC's to bay 5 but lose reduncancy or buy another VC to install in bay 5.
Clarete Riana
Valued Contributor

Re: Virtual connect and Mezz cards

Hi Chris,

You will need a VC ethernet module in interconnect bays 5 and 6 in order to use the mezz card in mezz slot 2 on your BL460 blade. You will need a FC interconnect module in interconnect bays 3,4 to connect to the FC mezz card in mezz slot 1.

Please refer to the section "Mapping to interconnect ports" for more information on port mapping in C7000 enclosure.