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Virual Connect SAN Configuration

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Virual Connect SAN Configuration

Can I added/change the SAN configuration after I create a profile and I assigne Blade to a profile?
The Brit
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Re: Virual Connect SAN Configuration

Some items can be changed, and some items cannot. I couldnt give you a definitive list of what works and what doesn't.

The best thing to do is to try. If the change is illegal, or not allowed, then VCM will not let you do it and will change nothing.

I have never caused a problem by trying.

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Re: Virual Connect SAN Configuration

I have unassigned SAN connections and then reassigned them.

Terri Harris
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Re: Virual Connect SAN Configuration

Beginning with Virtual Connect 3.x you can make changes to the VC SAN Fabric and the changes will be reflected in VC server profiles already created & assigned.

This does assume the VC Server Profiles were created with VC 3.x (and not created with an earlier VC version then updated).

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Re: Virual Connect SAN Configuration

If U had 2 existingconnections unassigned, this means the WWN`s were assigned to the HBA's and so you can change it online.


However, if no HBA connections were there, U can only add them when the blade is powered off...

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