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W2K8 Server - HP BL25p

Bruce Kenworthy
Occasional Visitor

W2K8 Server - HP BL25p

I am installing Windows 2008 server on an HP Blade- BL25p and cannot get the nic going. I have found that I see a media not connected error when I check the nic through ipconfig /all. I had installed the server through iLo with no problems -just cannot figure out what I am missing to get connected through the nics on the Windows 2008 installation.
Magnus von Rosen
Frequent Advisor

Re: W2K8 Server - HP BL25p

32 or 64 bit windows? 2008 R2 or the one without "R2"?
Did you install using smarterstats och did you install the Support pack after installation?
Which kind of Switch is in you enclosure?

No unknown hardware in device manager?