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Wake On Lan - Troubleshooting

Mike Hracs
Occasional Visitor

Wake On Lan - Troubleshooting


We are having a wake on lan issue in our environment. I am looking for a better log than the iLO log.

We are powering down blade's in our server and are recieving wake on lan signals almost immediately after power down in complete.

Yes, the simple solution is to disable wake on lan, however we are also using VMware's DPM on our VM Hosts. We cannot disable wake on lan. We need to figure out where it is coming from.

What i'm asking is, is there a way that I can track where the blade recieves its wake on lan signals from. iLO log just says "Power On: Wake On Lan"....I'm hoping its easier than installing wireshark on all potential servers that could be sending the signal.


Mike Hracs
Occasional Visitor

Re: Wake On Lan - Troubleshooting

That should say "Datacenter" and not powering down blade's in our server :)