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blade ethernet pass-thru

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blade ethernet pass-thru

hi all
we have bought a c3000 enclosure with 2 hp Ethernet pass-thru switches 1GB 16 ports. i am bit new to blades and i have some questions
1) am i able to set a management ip for the pass-thru Ethernet switch? if yes how? cause i have tried from the onboard with no success

2) this switch can be configured? if yes please give me a link

3)to connect to blades servers to each other i have to connect the related ports on the Ethernet switch to 1gb external switch?

thanks expert in advance cause really i need this help as soon as possible
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Re: blade ethernet pass-thru

1) no
2) no
3) yes
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Re: blade ethernet pass-thru

ok the pass thru is just like a "dumb hub with no login ,or such

they are not switches they are pass thru hubs

3 is a yes
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Re: blade ethernet pass-thru

thanks for you expert you have solved my problem