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Re: c3000 Sharing storage across blades

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c3000 Sharing storage across blades


We are a low budget team, and we were given a c3000 enclosure with 6 BL460c Gen 9 blades.  Each blade is configured with a 300 GB Hard disk, and a 2Tb hard disk.  We would liek to be able to share/pool all of the 2 TB HD's in each blade into one VMware datastore.  Is this even possible to do?  I see there are dedicated storage blades out there, but our team will not have the budget to procure one, nor do we ahve any kind of SAN.  Otherwise each Blade will have to have it's own Storage pool for Vsphere, and not let VM's migrate if one were to go down.


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Re: c3000 Sharing storage across blades


As the Local Storage of each blades are tied to its own servers, you cannot share the Drive space to pool together, unless its a Blade Storage server.

If Blade Storage server is not a possible option, you can try the VMware vSAN option and  to create a distributed, shared data store.

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