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c3000 power supply error

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c3000 power supply error

Server Blade Enclosure Inadequate Power To Power On: Not Enough Power (Enclosure Address 0000, Slot 2)
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Re: c3000 power supply error

You did not say what the problem is. Is that an old error or a current one? Do you have a server blade that refuses to power on? If so you may need to add more power supplies to the chassis, you only have 2 power supplies ut of a total of 6.

Check the "Power and Thermal" and all three items below it on the OA menu. "Power management", "Enclosure Power Allocation" and "Power meter". They should tell you if you need additional power supplies.
Thomas Martin
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Re: c3000 power supply error


place the second blade in slot 5 (lower right). You have only 2 power supplies which are at the bottom slot. For Blades in Slot 2 or 6 you need two additional power supplies in the middle of the power slots.

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Re: c3000 power supply error


You see this problem when you have Set Power management set to AC Redundant or Power Supply Redundant, And 2 blades request power at the same time.

During that time Blade in slot 2 may show that Insufficient Enclosure power to Poweron error.

The moment Blade one comes up it will release the extra power and the second Blade will power on. So no need to worry in your case since you have only 2 blades.

Still if you don't want to see the errors please change the Power management settings to Not Redundant. It should work fine.


Re: c3000 power supply error

all of the replies can be right,
however that issue gone away with fw upgrade of the OA.
Is a known issue