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c7000 Cisco 3020 Uplink Port Mapping

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c7000 Cisco 3020 Uplink Port Mapping


We are trying to determine the logical to physical port mapping on the ethernet interconnect modules.

We have 16 logical ports and 8 physical 1Gb uplinks per interconnect (all interconnect bays are populated with Cisco swithces)

All of the documentation I have found on port mapping only details the Server NIC mapping to the interconnect modules but not to the physical uplink ports.

We are not using Virtual connect and the onboard administrator does not seem to provide this level of detail. In another thread I saw the response that you only need to patch one physical port to provide connections for all servers? Obviously this is not best practice and we are trying to detemine the best configuration from a performance and security perspective.

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Re: c7000 Cisco 3020 Uplink Port Mapping

I would suggest, that you find a cisco configuration manual. There is nothing special about c-class blades uplink port mapping. You have to just configure the port groups in Cisco.
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Re: c7000 Cisco 3020 Uplink Port Mapping

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Re: c7000 Cisco 3020 Uplink Port Mapping

If you need the diagrams and best practices they are in a doc called "Integrating the Cisco c-class 3020 switch into the Cisco Data Center Network Architecture" on the Cisco site.

This is what I tell the network admins when I talk to customers.

Forget its a blade switch.
Imagine you have a 2960/3670 or whatever.
Its 24 ports.
Ports 1-16 goto servers 1-16, via hidden wires you cant remove.
Ports 17-24 are 1GB external ports
Using ports 17-24 connect it how you would connect a pair of normal network switches.