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Re: c7000 Enclosure. Compatibility and network speed

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c7000 Enclosure. Compatibility and network speed

Hello from Spain

I have some doubts about the compatibility of the c7000.

I currently have a c7000 running with BL460c GEN1 servers. I would like to replace the servers with modern ones like BL460c gen7, 8 or 9. I think they are compatible with my c7000. Is this correct?

I see in the characteristics of these new models that they have 10gb network cards but my current models have 1gb network cards.

Maybe it's an absurd question but I don't have much experience with the c7000.

  • Can I directly add a gen8 blade?
  • Will two gen8 have 10gb between them?
  • Is the network speed provided directly by the network cards in the blades or does it depend on the electronics behind it?



Re: c7000 Enclosure. Compatibility and network speed


Please gothrough the QuickSpecs for the servers and c7000 enclosure for questions relating compatibility.

NOTE: The c7000 HP c-Class enclosures have full backwards and forwards compatibility, existing server blades  are supported in the new enclosures and any future server blades will be supported in the existing enclosures.

Most importantly, please check this compatibility guide before updating the servers to a newer model.

HPE ProLiant Server Blades - Compatibility with HPE BladeSystem c7000 and c3000 Enclosures and Firmware

Thank You!

I work for HPE

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Re: c7000 Enclosure. Compatibility and network speed

Thanks. I will check the documentation.