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c7000 Fans spinning at full speed

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c7000 Fans spinning at full speed

How to generate a mini- hurricane! Get all the fans of a c7000 operating at max warp speed! Well, Debbie's customer was not thrilled and had a question:



I have a customer who has a c7000 enclosure, and the fans are spinning at full speed. He has tried reseating the OA tray and the OA modules and updated the firmware on the OA to 2.60. When he reseats the modules and the tray the fans spin normally for a couple of minutes then spin up like the OA modules are out of the enclosure. Has anyone seen this before, and if so what is the solution?



Monty had an answer:



Be sure to check the OA GUI, “Power and Thermal” | “Thermal Subsystem” | “Fan Zone” tab.


Look at the four zone speeds, and you can see in the Device bays (Virtual Fan) column what each of the servers or other devices are requesting as fan speed.  The highest speed request in a zone is used to calculate the fan speed in that zone.


Find out what is causing the problem with the blades requesting really high Virtual Fans – and fix it.  Yes, iLO 2 ‘sea of sensors’ logic drives the Virtual Fan sensor on each server – so select the server from that screen and see if any of the temp sensors is too close to Caution or Critical.



Steve also replied:



It is probably the version of iLO on at least one blade server.  There are versions below 1.81 that will crank it up to gale force speeds.  One of my customers recentely inserted a blade with 1.80 iLO (I believe) and we almost achieved lift-off.



And Tomislav added his experiences:



I had the same issue with BL460c G6 iLO 1.80. Fans go to 89% and stay there. Boeing 747 seems quiet in that period. This issue has been addressed in iLO 1.81. Until FW upgrade, the most non-intrusive thing to do is just reset iLO controller from iLO Web Administration and everything will go back to normal, without need to restart or re-seat server.



Any other comments? Have you experienced this issue? If so, how did you solve the problem?

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Re: c7000 Fans spinning at full speed

I have the same problem on my c7000 using BL685 G7 blades - It has iLO 3 and I've updated the firmware to 1.28 Jan 13 2012. It has made no difference - Any help please ?

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Re: c7000 Fans spinning at full speed

I have the same problem with fan speed . IL0 3 Firmware 1.28

Any suggestions how to overcome this issue?  

Appreciate if anybody can help me.

Roger D Murray
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Re: c7000 Fans spinning at full speed

Possible solution......


Title: HP ProLiant BladeSystem Gen8 Server Blades - Enclosure Fans Run At 89% Always

Object Name: mmr_kc-0115448

Document Type: Support Information

Original owner: KCS - ProLiant Servers

Disclosure level: Public

Version state: final

FACT: HP ProLiant BL420c Gen8 Server Blade

FACT: HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Server Blade

FACT: HP ProLiant BL660c Gen8 Server Blade

FACT: HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosures

FACT: HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosures


SYMPTOM: enclosure fan runs at 89% always

SYMPTOM: virtual fan speed reported by iLO of the Gen8 Blade servers are perpetually at 100%


CAUSE: Thermal Configuration in RBSU set to "Maximum Cooling"


FIX: When the Thermal Configuration is set to "Maximum Cooling" in any server Blade, then the enclosure fans have to run at a high speed to maintain the server below temperature threshold.

To resolve the issue, set the thermal configuration at "Advanced Options > Thermal Configuration" to "Optimal Cooling". This setting provides the most efficient solution by configuring fan speeds to the minimum required for adequate cooling.