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c7000 Onboard Administrator

Louann Duchemin
Regular Advisor

c7000 Onboard Administrator

I have a c7000 with an OA running version 3.21. 
When I perform the comand SHOW SERVER INFO 2, I am presented with the information about the BL860c that is located on Bay 2.  I would like to know how to enter the Part Number, Serial Number and Asset Tag for this unit.  It does not display this information.  See attached document.


I need to be able to enter this information from the CLI.  We do not use HP Insight Manager.

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Re: c7000 Onboard Administrator

I'm pretty sure this is an issue with this OA version, my version 3.31 works!

Hope this helps!

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Re: c7000 Onboard Administrator

I am able to view this info on a C3000 with OA version 3.00.


Perhaps its the blade itself not presenting this info.  You can check in a couple of spots:


   -  From the OS:  Run CSTM and view the system details as follows:

                - sel dev 1

                - info

                - (wait about 5 seconds) infolog

   -  From the MP:   Access the Command Menu and run DF; select 0000 for system board.

   -  From the EFI Shell:   Run 'sysmode service' and then 'sysset'.

      Both of the above will report SN and Product Info.  Asset tag info can be set/viewed from the MP ID command.





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Louann Duchemin
Regular Advisor

Re: c7000 Onboard Administrator

I was able to resolve this myself.  I reseted the OA and then the information was updated and now shows.


Thank you for the input.