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c7000 - collect some inventory information

Patrick G.

c7000 - collect some inventory information


I'm looking for a way to collect some inventory information of at least 15 c7000 enclosures. First, it is enclosure name + s/n, bay, product name + s/n and server name. I try to modify the PStool1.2 but there is no way to bring light into the dark.

Are there any best practices or some examples of scripts for more than one enclosure?

Or have someone a script that is easy to customize for me.

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: c7000 - collect some inventory information

In your enclosure, go to

Enclosure Settings > Configuration Scripts.

Check the "click here" options. These scripts generate a full inventory as a text file. You can then parse the file to extract the information you need.


Patrick G.

Re: c7000 - collect some inventory information

Manually create the script in the oa and then parse it for at least 15 enclosures is not the easy way. If something changed, i do it manually again and again...
A script, that collect over all given enclosures in a hostlist.txt file is a full automated way. But how can I achieve this? And how can I parse the needed information of the oa output?