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c7000 does not resolve names.

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c7000 does not resolve names.

I think this might be related to the other thread I started (ldap failing) but is a legitimate independent issue so I am starting a new one.

I noticed that when I ssh to the blade chassis I cant resolve names. I have a dns server configured under TCP/IP settings and I am able to ping the DNS server. Is there something I am missing?
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: c7000 does not resolve names.

do you mean you cannot access the blade chassis or blade server by name?
or do you mean within the ssh-session to the blade you do not have dns.

in the first situation so check this:
- do you use a dhcp server ?
- is this a windows dhcp server ?
if so does the dhcp server registers the name/adress in dns or must the client do this?
- if it's not a windows server but a cable-router or something, it may only forward dns-queries to external dns's, but not be a full-functionally local-dns server.
check your documentation on this.

if the dhcp server does the registration, check if this is succeeded.
If the client must do this self, check if the client is configured to do this.
if the client has no setting to register itself, you must manually enter an A-reccord in the dns server.

In both cases check both are in the same namespace (dns-suffix).
if one is host1.domain1.local and the other in troubleshooting will be more complex.