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c7000 switches (GBe2c) interconnect question..

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c7000 switches (GBe2c) interconnect question..

Hey there. I have one Procurve 5412zl which is our core switch and a c7000 blade enclosure. Each enclosure has two HP GBE2C switches in them.


These switches seem to have port X17 and X18 which connect the two switches in the enclosure.


What I'm doing is creating a 2-port trunk from each switch to my core switch, then I have the xconnect ports connected which would technically create a loop if I didn't have spanning tree.


Would you just disable the X17 and X18 ports or leave them enabled? I figure leaving them enabled would be better since its a shorter path.

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Re: c7000 switches (GBe2c) interconnect question..

Does the Procurve switch is an externally mounted component of the c7000 enclosure ?