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cisco 3020 cluster heartbeat

Occasional Contributor

cisco 3020 cluster heartbeat

i have two BL685 which i will be installing SQL 2005 onto and setting up a failover cluster

i can't figure out how to do the heartbeat for the cluster. I don't have the VC module just the cisco 3020's (two of them)

can i do something on the switch config to do this or is it not possible without the VC module

see attachment for current config
Dan Robinson_4
Regular Advisor

Re: cisco 3020 cluster heartbeat

First off, when the Cisco operates at layer 2 it doesnt have a clue whats happening at Layer 3.

So if you have 4 Servers on VLAN1 and VLAN1 is supposed to be, you can take 2 of those servers and configure them for and 57.2 and they should be able to ping each other just fine.

now the other thing I would say is you should be able to configure the Cisco 3020 for multiple VLANs so you can take the 2 ports your using for the heartbeat and configure those 2 ports for a new VLAN and that will keep your layer 2 traffic seperated also.

The basic idea here is your using your expensive 3020 to act like a 5 port Linksys for heartbear instead of a crossover for heartbeat. obviously the 3020 is also doing normal networking duties for your Primary 2 NICs on all your blades as well.

As for VC, I assume your talking about Virtual Connect which is entirely different from the Cisco and the 2 modules are mutually exclusive. You should be using 1 or the other in a chassis and usually not both.

Hope that helps,
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: cisco 3020 cluster heartbeat

Are you thinking of passing the cluster heartbeat down the internal trunk on ports 23 and 24? Or just within 1 switch?
Occasional Contributor

Re: cisco 3020 cluster heartbeat

just within one switch at the moment

not sure i need the extra resilience or complications going across switches