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debian driver...

Mauricio Estacio
Occasional Contributor

debian driver...

I have a Blade system C7000 enclosure G2, with 4 HP Proliant BL 460C G6 blades and a HP VC Flex-10 enet module...

when I install debian lenny it not find the network interfaces (nic's) where and can find de drivers??
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: debian driver... --> Support & Drivers then follow down by putting in your server model and to select the OS.
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: debian driver...

The BL460 G6 blade uses a NIC (NC532i - based on a Broadcom BCM 57711E chip) that uses the bnx2x driver. That NIC/driver does not use open-source firmware, which means the firmware is in Debian non-free land and not part of the lenny install media. HP's Dann Frazier (aka dannf) has a script that can be used to insert the non-free firmware into the Lenny install ISO. The script is caled "add-firmware-to" and a web search for that should find the link on
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