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degraded on blade server


degraded on blade server

hi guys,


we have been experience this with our c7000 blade system:


Jan 30 09:07:17 OA: Blade 5 is reporting degraded health status.
Jan 30 09:07:17 OA: Blade in bay #5 status changed from OK to Degraded
Jan 30 15:02:22 OA: Blade 5 is reporting nominal health status.
Jan 30 15:02:22 OA: Blade in bay #5 status changed from Degraded to OK


but upon checking with the Onboard administrator, there is no hardware fault on the system.


what could be the cause of this

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Re: degraded on blade server

Do you experience connectivity problems to the blade otherwise or did you just notice the messages?


You dont say what type of server this is, but assuming a Proliant blade, you can check the following from the OA:


 - From that device bay information tab check the IML log.

 - From that device's ILO page check the Event Log tab.

 - Login to the iLO's web page and you can also view the iLO log and IML.



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Re: degraded on blade server



Its important to know what Blade model is in Bay 5.


This issue might occur if any one of the memory module has failed or even if there is some firmware mismatch between OA, iLO and System BIOS.


Do take a look at this article:



Thank You!
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Re: degraded on blade server



Looks like we have an intermittent fault with the Blade in bay #5; We need to check the SL error logs from the from this Blade and look for any HW errors.


MP> SL   from MP telnet session will help.





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