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how to get os hostname from virtual connect


how to get os hostname from virtual connect

hello all, did anyone know how to get os hostname from virtual connect? I have ths OS installed and the hostname and ipaddress was correctly configured. but the command following show OS name UNKOWN. thanks.

->show server enc0:1
Server ID : enc0:1
Enclosure Name : USE7406HJ0
Enclosure ID : enc0
Bay : 1
Description : server BL860c
Status : OK
Power : On
UID : Off
Server Profile : 5_profile
Height : Full-Height
Width : 1
Part Number : AD323A
Serial Number :
Server Name : [Unknown]
OS Name : [Unknown]
Asset Tag : [Unknown]
ROM Version : ROM A 4.03
Memory : 8192

Re: how to get os hostname from virtual connect

These fields come from the ROM BIOS of the server. You can set them manually by going into RBSU (press F9 during POST) under the Server Asset Text menu, or the Server Name field can be populated automatically if you have installed the PSP (specifically the iLO2 driver) in the OS. I don't believe the other 2 fields are populated automatically.
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: how to get os hostname from virtual connect

Since this is an Integrity blade, the hostname and some other information is set from the OS that runs on the blade, there is no way to enter the server hostname via a off line configuration like on X86 Proliant blades.

For Windows i.e. this is done via the insight management agents that read the OS hostname and put it in the blade iLO/MP so that the OA can query it from the blade and display it in the Onboard Administrator GUI i.e. For HP-UX it is done via the SIM server process/daemon.

The asset TAG and some of the SNMP information area values can indeed be set via the iLO/MP of the blade (use telnet and enter the command 'ID' to set it.)
There have been some fixes in the firmware related to the hostname field in the blade, you could update to V4.21 systemfirmware available here:

How this needs to get into the VC module, i don't know but i assume the OA send this information to the VC module.

Did you try to check if the hostname is properly seen in the OA GUI under Devices ?
If it's OK up to that level, then it means that we have to look at the OA/VC module configuration.