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iLO Mouse very slow

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iLO Mouse very slow

We have a c7000 with 4 bl465c running OEL (RedHat) 5.3 64 bit. The latest iLO and hpmouse drivers have been loaded and the iLO mouse works fine for an hour or so after each reboot but then response slows to a crawl. We have High performance mouse enabled, so this is not the problem with an offset pointer you get when the hpmouse driver is not loaded. The pointer on the iLO will eventually line up with your mouse, but moves very slowly, so as to make iLO unusable. The server itself is still responding and has excellent performance on other connections (SSH and VNC).

OA firmware: 2.51
iLO firmware: 1.78
Power Mgt firmware: 3.4

We have an open call with HP that has no results so far, just been uninstalling and reinstalling the OS drivers. The problem takes about an hour to manifest after a reboot, so troubleshooting takes time.