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iLO Virtual Media disconnects using FW 1.82

Occasional Contributor

iLO Virtual Media disconnects using FW 1.82


I have a number of bl460 G6 blades with the advanced iLO license features enabled. The iLO virtual media feature is used to boot the system from a remote CD image using http.

The problem I have is that for some reason the VM cdrom disconnects (or ejects) after a certain period of time.

This never used to happen in FW 1.81. Is this a bug or is there a way of disabling the timeout or disconnnect?

I use the IRC for console access but mount the image from the iLO cli using the following commands:

ilo> vm cdrom insert http://someserver/someimage.iso
ilo> vm cdrom set connect
ilo> vm cdrom set boot_always

The system will boot (most times) but then the cdrom will eject after a period of time.

Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO Virtual Media disconnects using FW 1.82

maybe it is worth to downgrade one server and confirm it is 1.82 isue? - or upgrade it to last 2.00 and try again?